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Organic Sumatra Profile

roasted organic coffee Sumatra Organic FTO

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organic Sumatra Organic FTO

SUMATRA ORGANIC TAKENGON ADSENIA TRIPLE PICKED GRADE 1 is produced on family owned farms organized around the Ratu Ketiara Gayo cooperative (RKG), located in the Takengon highlands of the Aceh province on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. This region of Indonesia is also referred to as the Gayo land because the coffee farmers are from the Gayonese ethnic group. The RKG cooperative was established in 2017 by a group of young women focused on creating gender equity and investing in young coffee producers. The female leadership is mentored by Rahmah (chairperson of PT Ketiara umbrella cooperative) who works tirelessly with a number of cooperatives in the region to overcome the inequity of a male dominated coffee industry in Indonesia.

Tasting Notes: A great, fresh traditional Sumatra offering. Very thick and creamy, a predominately darker toned lower acidity cup of coffee. One will get lots of chocolaty tones (ranging from smooth to bakers chocolate) mixing with just a small hint of that classic Sumatra earthy spice and a bit of smoky tones at the fuller roasts. Good as a single origin or blend component.

Roasting Notes: Medium to dark roast coffee, too light and the chocolaty tones and body will be lacking. Due to the wet-hulled processing these beans will roast a bit two-toned. Good to bring them up to temp a little slower and if shooting for a medium roast, make sure everything gets through first crack before cooling. If in doubt, any signs of 2nd crack, hit cool. These beans seem to take a lot of heat, expect slightly longer roast times.

Origin Information
Grower Ratu Ketiara Gayo Cooperative (RKG)
Variety Bourbon, Catimor, and Typica
Region Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia
Harvest June - December
Altitude 1200 – 1600 meters
Soil Volcanic loam: Volcanic soils are fertile due to their non-crystalline mineral content that reacts favorably with growing organic matter
Process Wet hulled and dried in the sun
Certifications Fair Trade, Organic

Sumatra organic coffee bean flavor profile
Cupping Notes: Nice heavy body, earthy, consistent, clean, richly low-toned, and complexly fruity: papaya and black cherry with a dry chocolate edge.
Aroma: Deep and pungently spicy in the aroma with papaya and chocolate notes.



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