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Organic Colombia Profile

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Sierra Nevada consists of 136 acres of coffee cultivated under a canopy of guamo, carbonero, and other native shade trees. COLOMBIA FTO SIERRA NEVADA GRAINPRO is sourced from family-owned farms organized around Asociación de Productores de la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (ASOPROSIERRA), a producer association with 32 members who live in the municipality of Ciénaga within the department of Magdalena, Colombia. Members of ASOPROSIERRA promote agroecology principles to improve the quality of their coffee while taking care of their natural resources. Dario Delgado and his family have owned and operated one of the estates since 1996. La Cabaña is located near the village of San Pedro in the municipality of Magdalena. This area is known as “the coffee belt” of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. La Cabaña is renowned for its rich biodiversity and advanced migratory bird-monitoring station. The bird-friendly estate has certifications from the Rainforest Alliance and the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center (SMBC). Coffee plants on the estate are naturally fertilized with compost originating from coffee pulp and manure.

Tasting Notes: A very nice cup a bit of the unique side for Colombia. Lighter roasts have very nice and clean acidity, a bit lemony, some floral with hints of a fruit tone but depending on how light can get a little grassy and nutty as the balance. just a little development past first crack is a good sweet spot. Medium roasts are clean with a bit of the acidity muted, sweeter edged and more traditional nutty/chocolaty factor. Darker roasts are a bit thinner than most Colombians but full of bakers chocolate notes. Surprisingly just a hint of smokiness out of the cup, didn’t pick up too many roasty notes.

Roasting Notes: Easy to roast and shines more around the light to medium roasts. Some jazzy acidity for a Colombian. Medium to dark roasts will be better for a daily drinker, smoother with a little more body.

Origin Information
Grower Asociación de Productores de la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (ASOPROSIERRA)
Variety Caturra, Castillo, and Colombia
Region Ciénaga, Magdalena, Colombia
Harvest October - March
Altitude 1100 - 1600 meters
Soil Clay minerals
Process Fully washed and dried in the sun
Certifications Fair Trade, Organic, Bird Friendly

Colombia organic coffee bean flavor profile
Cupping Notes: Good acidity, chocolate, dried fruit, medium body
Aroma: Sweet, clean, fruity, cocoa



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